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  • #2 Biggest Reason for Failure- Staying consistent… Here’s how to learn about this!

    You have a difficult time staying consistent with your diet, exercise, or healthy lifestyle habits. This is the motherlode of all problems. According to research, roughly 65% of women (and likely a lot more) struggle with staying consistent. And it’s not like they’re complete exercise beginners. Here’s what most women have tried before getting results with us: […]

  • Emotional Eating and Food Cravings

    At some point in their lives, many women struggle with overeating and use food to help curb negative emotions. Wine, chocolate, sugar, and other sweet treats beckon and promise a momentary relief. But once the “food rush” wears off, they’re left with the very same emotional problems—plus a self-defeating sense of guilt. Of course, many […]

  • Bruce Lee on Setting Goals!

    Most of us know him for his martial arts prowess, But there was another side of him that was also very wise. Bruce was also big on setting goals. Did he know of the law of attraction of did he just intuitively know how to use it? Here were his goals he wrote down on […]

  • 10 Lifelong Tips For Healthy Lean Bodies

    The 10 rules of good nutrition 1. Eat every 2-3 hours. Are you doing this – no matter what? Now, you don’t need to eat a full meal every 2-3 hours but you do need to eat 6-8 meals and snacks that conform to the other rules below. 2. Eat complete, lean protein each time […]

  • Muscle Gaining Nutrition

     Components of  Muscle Building Meals. 2 palms of protein – the building blocks of muscle. 3 fists of veggies – loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. 1 fist fruit, starch, or whole grains – carbohydrates to help add healthy calories. 1/4 cup healthy fat – helps increase natural testosterone and other good stuff. A big […]

  • Food Calculator- Hundreds Of Typical Foods and There Macronutrient Content

    TYPICAL FOOD ANALYSIS Food Serve CHO PRO FAT BREADS White roll Wholemeal Burgen soy/linseed Buttercup Wholemeal Helga’s light rye Mountain Barley Bread Pita, country life, white Tip Top 9 grain Tip Top white hy-fibre   CEREALS Oat bran, raw Kellogg’s:  All bran                  Coco- pops             Corn flakes Special K Nutri- Grain Sanitarium:  Lite-Bix                     Weet- […]

  • Did You Know? These Tips Could Be Just What You Need…

    Here are a heap of tips to get you thinking! Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed, instead pick 1 ting per week and make i a habit before you move on to the next one. Remember health and fitness is for life! Eat a rainbow of colours regularly to fulfil the body’s nutrient requirements. Eat low […]

  • Two Myth-Conceptions You Need To Be Aware Of!

    More must be better………Wrong! Just because a certain amount of regular exercise provides you with desirable health benefits, it does not follow that twice the amount or twice the intensity will result in twice the benefits, twice as fast. Overtraining by exercising too intensively or for too long can be just as bad as not […]

  • How To Use Carb Cycling NOW!

    Calorie and carb cycling Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, see your abs, or get back in shape, carb and calorie cycling can make a real difference. While it may have a fancy name, carb cycling is simply eating more carbohydrates on some days – usually on high volume or high intensity […]

  • So What Body Type are You and How Should You Eat?

    So What Body Type are You and How Should You Eat? Your Body Type questionnaire My bone structure is: a)      Very large b)      Large to medium c)      Small to frail My body tends towards; a)      Carrying too much fat b)      Being lean and muscular c)      Being skinny My body looks; Men a)      Round and soft […]

  • Why Deload?

    A recent article in T-nation magazine written by author Charles Staley discussed the need for deload. A Deload or “back off” weeks are misunderstood by many novice bodybuilders. I wish to clarify this  by highlighting why we deload! According to professor Dr. Zatsiorsky’s We need to consider the “Two-Factor Theory.”: “The immediate effect after a workout […]

  • Your first 14 days tip #1

    Yes that’s right! As mentioned in the ‘fat loss fast and effective series’ (you can view again here, part two here) we were going starchy carbohydrate FREE for 14 days. This was to ensure you eat more healthy fats, good quality sources of protein and lots of fruits and veggies. So if you did it […]

  • One of our favourite Rants on Diet.. Take it or leave it!

    Dieting: A Rant by Dave TateYou ever go out with a bunch of people for dinner when you’re dieting? Isn’t that a f#$*#& up situation? Let’s say you’re at a table with seven people and everyone’s ordering their food. You’re at the end so you’re ordering last. They’re getting ribs, chicken strips, spaghetti, and whatever. […]

  • Why go a high fat breaky… Introducing the meat and nut breakfast!

    A study by a Harvard professor Dr. David Ludwig, studied three groups of overweight children, in which they fed each group a breakfast containing an identical number of calories. One group ate instant oatmeal, one group ate steel cut oats, and the third group had a vegetable omelette and fruit. Their blood was measured before […]

  • Snacks for building muscle on the go

    As per Charles Poliquins favourite snacks. “Proper planning is still the key. I prefer to reserve shakes just for post workout nutrition. When I cannot get access to solid food or a blender, I use these products for convenience purposes”: 1. Celery sticks with a nut butter to fill to the hollow portion. My favorites […]

  • An insight to Intermittent Fasting

    The following abstract is written by John Berardi a world renowned nutrition expert and you will find a program to follow below. We are advocates of the IF system in the beginning of any 12 week plan to teach you about hunger as well as help detox the system and get your body in a […]

  • Snacks…. What are my options?

    The question we all want to know…. what can I snack on? Remember this program allows for your 3 meals a day and one snack. This snack can be a protein shake like FLUSH “Delicious” which really is delicious!! Or it can be something from the list below. I will add options each week to […]